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Boltless Storage Shelving

A standard unit consists of posts, horizontal beams, and decking. It is easily assembled and does not require nuts, clips, or bolts. Boltless rivet shelving offers strength and durability with a variety of beam options to accommodate light to heavier loads.

Pallet Rack Storage System Kits

One Starter Unit to begin each row. Add-On Units to extend or complete row. Two beam levels per unit. Units available with or without decking.

Pallet Rack Wire Deck

Step Channel Decks have (3) standard support channels that fit into the step-down ledges of the pallet rack beams.

Post Protectors

Protects pallet racks against forklift abuse. Made of heavy 7 gauge steel. Base plate is 8"W x 6"D, with a 4" column opening. 5/8" anchor holes are provided for a 1/2" diameter wedge anchors (supplied by others). Durable yellow powder coat finish.

Teardrop Pallet Rack

Welded green uprights with standard base plates and orange beams are in stock. Teardrop styles allows interchangeability with other popular brands. Engineered with heavy duty steel for safe, sturdy support of palletized loads.

Click the links below to download our product assembly instructions:

Rivet Shelving Assembly Instructions

Detailed instructions on how to assemble boltless rivet shelving.

Pallet Rack Assembly Instructions

Detailed instructions on how to assemble pallet rack.


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