Understanding Pick Cart Options

Oftentimes a major factor that slows pickers down is attributed to not using the right pick cart. Offering your customers the right pick cart will expedite their operation while allowing you to provide additional offerings. At DEH, we offer a variety of pick cart options that your customers may be considering for their warehouse.

We want you to be successful in offering pick carts to your customers, so we put together this helpful guide. With an understanding of the range of options out there, you’ll be sure to find the cart type, or types, that will ease the picking process for your employees and expedite the order fulfillment process. Read below to learn more about pick carts.

Types of Casters

There are a variety of casters that you can choose from for your cart. No matter the type, it is recommended that your cart uses bolted-on casters instead of welded ones. Finding the right caster for your cart is important and each type of caster comes with its own set of advantages and disadvantages. Below are the main types of casters available:

Plastic Casters

These are the most economical options for your pick cart. The low price does come at the cost of an inferior build quality, causing them to wear out more easily and quickly.

Phenolic Casters

These casters are made of a hard and reliable rubber. The hard rubber allows them to last a long time. These are the casters that are commonly found on shopping carts.

Steel Casters

These casters are often used on carts that handle heavy loads. The heavy-duty wheels are idea for heavy loads since they do not wear easily and can support heavier weights. Unfortunately, these casters will end up leaving marks and creating grooves in the floor over time. With this drawback, it is recommended that these casters are not used at facilities with tile or ceramic finished flooring.

Nylon Casters

These casters are the best for facilities with finished flooring. These are the softest of all the caster types and are commonly used in hospitals. Due to the softness of the caster, they wear out faster than all the other caster types.

Types of Carts

There are a variety of carts available on the market today. There are carts that can suit almost any need you would like to address.

Carts with Slanted Shelf

Pickers oftentimes have a hard time being able to see what is in the boxes that they are working with. A picking cart with a slanted shelf makes it much easier for the user to see into the boxes and makes the picking/putting process far easier and quicker.

Box and Supply transfer Carts

These carts will help eliminate the time that is wasted when having to dispose of and retrieve packing materials. These carts can transport and hold any materials, whether it be materials that are being disposed of or ones that are being used for packing.

Ladder Carts

These carts have a ladder integrated into them to help the operator retrieve items that are just out of reach. These carts remove the need for ladders and help employees safely pick/put products into higher areas.

Carts with Bins or Dividers for Organization

These carts are best for when you are looking for a way to easily transport and pick/put smaller items. The bins/dividers allow employees to save time by keeping everything organized and separated.

Carts fitted with Straps

These carts will help keep large items from falling off during transportation.

Carts with Raised Edges

These carts are ideal for operations where there are smaller products that need to be transported by a cart. The lip around the edge of the cart will keep smaller items from rolling off the cart.

Carts for Heavy Loads

If your customer has large, heavy items that need to be transported, a cart like this would be ideal for their operations.

Carts with Gravity Rollers

These carts are very useful if a gravity fill method is required to fill a product at a pick station or delivery station.

Carts with Cells

These carts are ideal for transporting apparel and fabric products. The pockets hold the materials safely in their own compartment, allowing for the easy and organized transportation of goods.

Carts with Forklift Pockets

These carts are able to be moved and lifted with a forklift thanks to the pockets on the bottom side of the cart. These can help you pick and place items that are in places that are too high to reach with a standard ladder cart.

Tugger Carts

These carts help cut down on the time it takes to move multiple loads individually. With a tugger cart you can pull multiple loads with ease.

Portable Lift Tables

These carts make it easy to transfer a load from a cart onto a table or conveyor. The tilting surface makes it easy for the load to be lifted and safely transferred to another surface.

Pick Carts in Automation

As the demand for automated systems increases across many industries, pick carts are evolving to work within these systems. Pick carts are an integral part of a successful automated operation and are still needed in these automated facilities.

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